Dental Implants in Valencia

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In our dental clinic in Valencia we are specialists in:

  • Immediate dental implants
  • Conventional dental implants
  • Smile design
  • Cosmetic and Integrated Dentistry




Your dental implants on the same day

First visit free: Get a more accurate diagnosis in the free first visit with no obligation.

Interest free financing: we finance your treatment up to 20 months with no interests or opening commission.

High quality materials: we use materials of leading brands and the best technology for implants.

Digital 3D CAT: with the three-dimensional X-ray we can diagnose pathologies, but above all we can analyse and design the treatments with more accuracy.

Experts in complex cases: we are experts in implants for every case. We are great specialists, just ask a diagnosis

Minimally invasive procedures: low invasive methods and latest generation techniques.

Dental Implants with Ester Manzanera

Precio implantes dentales

I am Ester Manzanera and I have been working for years at Clínica Dental Manzanera along with other great professionals. Among them I am lucky to count on my father and my brother to offer our patients a qualified, reliable and updated odontology. I graduated in Odontology at the University of Valencia and after that I moved to London, where I worked as a general odontologist for the National Health Service (NHS) while I complemented my education in some of the most renowned centres in the United Kingdom. Upon my return I specialised in Implantology by studying the University Master in Implantology and Biomaterials of the University of Murcia and several training courses in cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. I also combine the clinic with teaching as an associated professor at the European University of Valencia.

Many patients have already trusted in us

We offer quality dental implants that help to return the smile and quality of life while eating to our patients. Dental implants are the most long-lasting option to recover the lost teeth. Planning is detailed and thorough in each case, and also fast because we have a 3D CAT to make an accurate diagnosis. Besides, we make it as easy for you as we can: we finance your treatment with no interests or opening commission. We will also show you similar cases to yours that have been already treated.



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