Invisible Braces

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Invisible braces

Shhhh. They'll only know you're wearing braces if you say so.

At the Manzanera Dental Clinic we are specialists in Invisible Braces in Valencia. Many, many patients have already trusted us.

We are suppliers of the Spark brand and Invisalign Diamond level , the certificate of highest distinction that endorses the experience and technique of our doctor David Manzanera in the use of Invisalign orthodontics.

Invisalign and Spark experts

Why Invisalign orthodontics with David Manzanera?

Your english speaking orthodontist in Valencia

David loves his job and you will get on well with him from the very beginning. With him you will experience trust, security and planning with clarity and friendliness. He will also be able to show you hundreds of cases similar to yours with pictures of before and after his treatment at our clinic in Valencia so you can see for yourself his experience of more than thirteen years in exclusive dedication to invisible orthodontics. 

Dr Manzanera is an Orthodontics associate professor at the Faculty of Odontology of the University of Valencia since 2009. Here he accomplished his doctoral thesis in 2008 marked with and Excellent Cum Laude. He participates as a collaborator professor at the Master in Orthodontics since 2004 in which he currently trains other dentists in the application of Invisalign invisible orthodontics and lingual orthodontics.

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BENEFITS OF invisible braces

The number of orthodontists that treat themselves with Invisalignis increasing every day! If these specialist rofessionals use it in their own mouths it must be because its benefits are countless:


You can take it off at any moment.

Extra hygienic

It is ideal for patients with bleeding gums, plaque or tartar in which regular orthodontics would be very harmful. Besides, you can brush your teeth as always because you can remove the Invisalign aligners at any moment and put them back again.

Display of the treatment plan

You will know the future appearance of your teeth from the beginning, for your friend’s wedding or the end of the year, because the planning is highly accurate.

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It is almost invisible, just like the lingual orthodontics.

Extra hygienic

It is ideal for patients with bleeding gums, plaque or tartar in which regular orthodontics would be very harmful. Besides, you can brush your teeth as always because you can remove the Invisalign aligners at any moment and put them back again.

Brief visits and Spaced appointments

In most of the cases the orthodontics control appointment is very short. If you travel very often or do not have much time, we can plan your orthodontics to come to the clinic every six or eight weeks.

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The confidence of leaving your mouth in expert hands

Dr. David Manzanera is one of the few professionals in Spain and Europe with a wide experience in both Invisalign and Lingual Orthodontics so he will be able to recommend you the best treatment for your case and help you choose. Because both have their limitations and indications, only someone who uses them regularly can advise you the way you deserve. 


Many patients have already trusted in us

In addition, now we put it as easy as we can and we offer you the best price invisalign in valencia. We fund you an invisible orthodontic treatment Invisalign at an incredible price in comfortable monthly payments and no interest!



The Invisalign orthodontics is a new and revolutionary system with which we can improve your smile thanks to a set of clear plastic aligners designed and planned by your orthodontist. They are custom-made in the US with the latest 3D and CAD/CAM technology for your comfort.

These removable aligners are changed after ten or fifteen days and each one puts a gentle pressure on the misplaced teeth to put them back in their place. These forces are soft what turns this orthodontics in a painless system that does not interfere in your appearance or your daily life.

Invisalign orthodontics treatment in Valencia, the importance of a beautiful smile.

In your daily life, with your friends, your partner, at work, in front of the mirror. Smiling with confidence, being proud of how your teeth are improving and giving you joy, transmitting good feelings and happiness are important to everyone. To socialise, look good and for your health: we like to see you smile. 

  • Scarcely any emergency: in the external attached orthodontics you can feel something poking your mouth or have a loose bracket that would make you come to the clinic unexpectedly. Or you could also have problems during the weekend. This does not happen with Invisalign: if there is something bothering you just do not put it on that day until you visit the clinic.
  • Great as splint for contact sports: it protects your wear down your teeth by bruxism or clenching in the night. If you practise a sport in which you can receive hits or slaps (football, basketball, handball, water polo, martial arts, etc.), this orthodontics will not cause you sores or wounds in your mouth and lips.
  • Science behind your smile: Invisalign puts millions of euros every year in the development and improvement of the system.

Invisalign orthodontics offers specific solutions for each age range, and depending on the difficulty of treatment, from the mildest to the most complex. 

  • Invisalign First: boys and girls from 6 to 10 years old
  • Invisalign Teen: It is indicated for girls and boys between 11 and 17 years old
  • Invisalign Lite: slight misalignment in adults
  • Invisalign Full o Comprehensive: complex misalignments in adults

Make your appointment now. It's time to smile.

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