Teeth whitening in Valencia

Dental whitening in Valencia

Would not you like to have whiter teeth? Get your smile shine, shine and be the protagonist of a cheerful face very easily. If you are looking for the best teeth whitening in Valencia at a good price, find out at Clínica Dental Manzanera, where we use the most innovative painless teeth whitening techniques.

Teeth whitening with the technique that we use allows you to clarify the tone of natural teeth in all cases, even in those with the most difficult stains and the darkest tones

Blanqueamiento dental en valencia

¿Why should I whiten my teeth??

There may be several reasons to want to perform teeth whitening:

  • Enamel and dentin stains by medication
  • Stains from smoking, and taking food and drinks that stain teeth
  • Dimming by age
  • Wanting to match the color of teeth all teeth
  • Simply because the patient wants to have a whiter shade of teeth


We have different types of teeth whitening in Valencia::

Depending on the particular case of each patient, fewer or more sessions are needed to achieve the expected results. However, in the vast majority of cases, only one session of teeth whitening is sufficient.

  • Whitening in dental clinic: One or more sessions of about 45 minutes in which a bleaching product is applied with the supervision of the doctor.
  • Ambulatory technique: It is conveniently applied at home with splints tailored to each patient that prevent the product from damaging the gums. Reviews are made in the clinic to check that the process is being carried out correctly.
  • Combined whitening: Alternate a clinic session with ambulatory whitening to achieve better results.

Come visit us at our Clinic in Valencia and we will talk about what treatment of teeth whitening is best suited to your case so that you smile with confidence.