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Advantages Ortodoncia Invisible

Your Invisalign or Spark treatment at Your Trusted Clinic in Valencia. Don’t hesitate to ask us for similar cases to yours!


It's removable, so you can take it off at any time.


It's an almost invisible orthodontic treatment, along with lingual orthodontics.


No braces, no wires. Generally, it doesn't cause sores, abrasions, or discomfort.

Super hygienic

Ideal for patients with gum bleeding, plaque, and dental tartar problems where regular orthodontics would be very harmful.

Invisalign Experience

Extensive experience in Invisible Orthodontics, both in Invisalign and Spark, as well as Lingual Orthodontics.

Invisalign or Spark Price

How much does an Invisalign or Spark treatment cost in Valencia, guided by one of the most renowned specialists, Dr. Manzanera.

Why choose Invisible Orthodontics with David Manzanera ?

David is a professor at the Orthodontics Master’s program at the University of Valencia, and he loves his work. You’ll like him right from the start. He’ll convey confidence, security, and clear planning, with clarity and friendliness. He can show you hundreds of cases like yours, treated by himself at our dental clinic in Valencia, with before and after photos, so you can see his over 15 years of exclusive dedication to invisible orthodontics experience.

Manzanera Clinic has been awarded the highest distinction as an Invisalign expert.

Being a Diamond Apex Invisalign provider is a certificate that validates the experience and technique of our doctor, David Manzanera, in the use of Invisalign orthodontics. It requires a significant mastery and knowledge of Invisalign techniques, demonstrating the professionalism of our doctor, David Manzanera, and the trust that all our patients have placed in us by consistently choosing Manzanera Clinic as their reference for Invisalign orthodontics in Valencia. 

Modern facilities perfectly equipped with the latest technologies to offer maximum comfort and the best treatments to our patients.

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